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From browsing our website you will already know that Green Commute Initiative offers the best cycle to work solution for employees, employers and bike shops.  In fact, we’d go so far to say that we’re the UK’s most trusted and innovative cycle to work scheme provider.  But we understand that you may need some more information to share with colleagues and other stakeholders.  Below you will find links to the GCI Briefing and Case Studies to aid the decision-making process.

GCI Employer Briefing April 2024
Green Commute Initiative Briefing Pack
Instant GCI digital flyer
GCI Instant Flyer June2022 frontpage
Everyone cycle digital flyer
Everyone cycle flyer frontpage
Information guides

Ebike Battery Care Guide

Ebike Battery Care Guide

EBikes and hilly terrain

EBikes and hilly terrain

EBikes and wet weather conditions

EBikes and wet weather conditions

M check – bike safety

How to check your bike is safe to use when using it for the first time or after a period of non-use

Bosch battery guide

Bosch battery guide

Case Studies

Bath Spa

Bath Spa case study for Green Commute Initiative

Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council for Green Commute Initiative

Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Find out how Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust implemented an inclusive and flexible Cycle to Work Scheme employee benefits with Green Commute Initiative

Specialist cycles

Learn how Guy uses a hand cycle for his commute to work

Protect your friends and colleagues who cycle to work

This Close Pass Poster aims to help your employees recognise that their colleagues and friends who cycle to work are vulnerable road users and passing wide is the safest thing to do.  We recommend the poster be displayed on the building exit doors as a reminder to colleagues on their way home, as well as in staff communal areas, digital notice boards and email reminders.  Large outdoor formats can be supplied at cost.

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