Across the UK, there are thousands of bikes lying neglected and unused.  Some will have stopped working properly due to wear and tear on key components with owners unable to afford to buy a replacement.  However, what many owners don’t realise is that for relatively small cost and a little TLC, their bike can once again become part of their active travel journey………..

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Save on parts and accessories when buying them through GCI's Cycle to work scheme.

New Year – New Limits

  • 19th Jan 2024

To have a successful Cycle to Work Scheme, it’s important to have a realistic spend limit and the start of a new year is a great opportunity to review how your organisation’s scheme is set-up.

Before Green Commute Initiative entered the Cycle to Work market in 2016, most schemes were limited to £1,000.  However, GCI’s unique model showed that it’s possible to have a scheme with no spend restrictions (and no fees!)………..

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A lady wearing a suit and riding a red bicycle.

The Green Commute Initiative way makes real savings whenever it suits you.

The problem with buying a bike (or anything) in a sale like Black Friday, is often, that there’s a catch. Cynical price rises that can be reduced on a sale-day or end-of-line reductions are OK until you realise things weren’t quite as great as you’d thought………..

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A growing number of workers in their sixties and beyond are shunning traditional retirement and opting to work for longer.  According to data from the Centre for Aging Better’s latest research, around one in nine individuals are continuing to work past their 65th birthday (compared with one in 20 in 2000).  Retaining knowledge and experience can be crucial for many organisations, however it………..

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A growing number of workers in their sixties and beyond are shunning traditional retirement and opting to work for longer.

According to the UK Government’s Walking and Cycling Statistics, only 9% of the UK population cycles regularly more than once a week. A whopping 45.1% of UK commuters travel to work by car, with a meagre 2% opting for the eco-friendly alternative – cycling. Surprisingly, as many as 3 million commuters travel a mere 2 miles to work, making active commuting one of the most effective ways………..

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Solarcycle Autumn

As the summer holidays draw to a close and the office beckons, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at your commute to work and check that you remain safe on your daily commute………..

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As the summer holidays draw to a close and the office beckons, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at your commute to work and check that you remain safe on your daily commute.

Some employers believe that the Cycle to Work scheme is complicated and not worth the hassle which means their employees miss out on significant savings.  There’s no denying that the DfT legislation, HMRC, and FCA rules are complicated.  Add in GDPR and relevant ISO compliance………..

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Lady on a bike with sandals

Cycling to work shines as a persistent beacon of hope in the quest for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Cycling to work is a great way to reduce carbon emissions, save money on fuel costs whilst also staying fit. It is unarguably beneficial for both individuals and the environment. However, the numbers are still low – in 2021, only………..

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As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the popularity of cycling continues to soar. Not only is cycling a healthy and cost-effective mode of transportation, but it also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and easing traffic congestion. However, with the increasing number of cyclists on the road, it is essential to prioritise safety to avoid accidents………..

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Woman on a bike wearing a rain jacket.

Cycling is a great way to stay active – both physically and mentally. Getting out on the open road gives us the chance to unwind, but that doesn’t mean we can totally zone out from the world around us………..

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Four things cyclists must be aware of when sharing the roads

Take our advice for staying cool when you’re cycling in the summer. Use these tips to ensure that you avoid dehydration, sunburn and fatigue………..

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Safer Cycling in Hotter Weather

The recent increase in National Insurance Contributions means there are even bigger savings on the Cycle to Work Scheme.  This is great news especially during the cost-of-living crisis……….

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The Cycle to Work Scheme just got even better!

As well as the environmental, physical and long-term mental benefits of cycling, it’s important to remember that riding a bike is also just great fun!

Whether you’re gliding through the city streets, racing down hills……….

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Safety Tips For Riding a Bike

We all know that petrol and diesel vehicles have a negative impact on the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions are harmful to the planet and to our health, and lockdown showed that when there are less road users, CO2……….

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Ebikes and decarbonising transport

A common misconception among employers is that the Cycle to Work scheme is complicated and not worth the hassle.  And there’s no doubt that the Government legislation and accompanying HMRC and FCA rules are complicated……….

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Cargo bike with bike crate

A question we are asked a lot is “How much does the Cycle to Work Scheme cost employers?”. The short answer is, nothing. In fact, employers actually save money on the Cycle to Work scheme. Here we explain how this is possible……….

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sustainable and self-funding staff benefit

The #BikeisBest autumn/winter campaign launched on Friday 15th October 2022. The concept behind the TV film is: everyone hates traffic, right? Well, it’s not going anywhere, unless we do something about it. When we make space for cycling, people switch – which is good news for them because it’s great fun. But it’s also good news, even if you’re driving………

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Bike is Best TV image

Post-Covid and Brexit, the UK needs to build back with a green and resilient economic recovery.  Organisations must implement innovative working practices and net zero strategies. This will help bring about a significant reduction in the environmental impact of human activities and climate change………

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Climate change and the butterfly effect

Here at GCI, our mission is to get as many people as possible to use the bike for short journeys and for cycling to become part of their everyday routines.  For this to happen, cyclists need to feel safe and confident.  We are delighted to share with you a series of short videos from British Cycling which will help commuters travelling by bike……..

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British Cycling sponsored by HSBC UK commute smart

It is important to know how to store your bicycle. Here are some considerations when thinking about bicycle storage for your needs.

Types of Bicycles

When planning your bicycle storage, you need to know the type of bicycles you will be storing:……..

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Gold bike propped up against a wall. Porch shares some important tips and tricks on what to consider when thinking about bicycle storage

GCI is delighted to partner with to help its customers be reunited with their bikes should they be stolen.

Over the last 4 years, GCI has grown to become one of the leading cycle-to-work scheme providers in the UK.  During the Covid-19 lockdowns, cycling became popular ……..

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Register your bike with

We know more people are cycling to work. We’ve seen the demand for new bikes reach an all time high, and there’s a big push towards better cycle lanes and road safety. But what about when commuters arrive at work? How important is office cycle storage and cycling provision?

Well, research commissioned by the British Council for Offices (BCO) found that 38% of office workers surveyed said they would consider commuting to work by bike……..

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Modern cycle storage GCI_Turvec

GCI is proud to be a partner of the #BikeisBest campaign and the effort to promote cycling as a active travel option for everyone.  Thus far, the campaign’s reach and messaging have been positive for the industry.

There are some interesting early findings from the campaign’s latest research.  The vast majority of people support measures for walking and cycling, in fact its 6.5 to 1……..

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findings from #BikeisBest research

The nitty gritty details of the cycle to work scheme are complex but Green Commute Initiative has taken all of this away.  It has created a cycle to work scheme which is quick and easy for everyone involved.

Green Commute Initiative has been a major disruptor to the cycle to work industry since 2016. It pioneered the plus £1,000 scheme…….

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Wisper 705 step-through ebike

Without doubt, two of the heroes of the Covid-19 crisis was the humble bicycle and the cycle to work scheme.  During lockdown, key workers struggled to get to work as they avoided the enclosed space of public transport. Luckily, for many people, the bicycle came to the rescue ……

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Cycling towards a clearer future

Green Commute Initiative is proud to be part of the #BikeisBest campaign which aims to showcase the benefits of cycling to the wider UK population.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought forward a huge rethink of how we travel……
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As we move from winter to spring and the weather turns milder, now is the perfect time to seriously consider cycling to work and using Green Commute Initiative’s scheme to make big savings.

Take time to visit your local bike shops and discover the most suitable……
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Spring into sustainable action

Green Commute Initiative has a very important safeguard that other providers cannot offer and its important consideration when selecting a cycle to work provider.

In the event of a cycle to work provider failing financially……
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Keep your bike safe, keep on commuting!

The Workplace Journey Challenge took place in March during which employers and employees from across Scotland were encourage to switch to more sustainable forms of transport. The results are in and there were more than 75,500 active travel journeys, of which 16,000 were made by bike…….

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Time to get Involved! The Workplace Journey Challenge

In June 2019, the Department for Transport issued updated guidance for the Cycle to Work Scheme, making it more attractive to employees.  However, before your organisation takes advantage of the changes, it’s time to check your current scheme complies with the new rules, and, is in fact legal…….

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Is my Cycle to Work Scheme Legal

Last year, the Transport Committee issued a report which showed that increasing levels of walking and cycling will cut traffic congestion, air pollution and improve health. However, the report criticised the Government’s current Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy as “not ambitious enough” and called for a strategy …….

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Turn your commutes Green

In 2019, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) released guidelines on encouraging activity in the general population, which are supported by the Department for Transport.

The guidelines were issued following multiple research studies……
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How E-bikes can help the NHS

  • 19th February 2020

Cycling has the potential to prevent 34,000 incidences of long-term illnesses in seven major UK cities by 2040.  When you also consider that up to 30% of preventable deaths are due to diseases attributed to air pollution, its clear that getting people out of cars …….

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The original idea behind Green Commute Initiative was to have a cycle to work scheme with no £1,000 limit to enable people to get commuter quality E-bikes through the scheme.  GCI is passionate about E-bikes, seeing them as the future of commuter travel…….

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Ebikes - The future of commuter travel

GCI operates an Inclusive Cycle to Work Scheme, meaning that all employees, no matter their mobility issue, can access any cycle suitable for their needs through the scheme.

The first handcycle acquired through the scheme was…….

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