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Green Commute Initiative – an inclusive scheme for all

GCI operates an Inclusive Cycle to Work Scheme. All employees, no matter their mobility issue, can access any cycle suitable for their needs through the scheme.

The first handcycle acquired through the scheme was for Guy Nicholson.  In 1993, at the age of 23, Guy was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his upper thoracic spinal cord and following surgery, he was left with an incomplete spinal injury.  Although Guy is able to walk with the aid of sticks, he cannot do so over long distances and it’s becoming harder.

To help build his fitness, Guy wanted to cycle to work and selected GCI’s scheme with its no £1,000 limit and no exit fees.  With his employer’s agreement, Guy approached Draft Wheelchairs, a supplier of hand cycles and other specialist mobility equipment.

Guy selected a Top-End Force 3 hand cycle with an RRP £2,950. Through the scheme, Guy saved 42% and pays just £47.53 per month from his net salary (over three years). This saving can be further enhanced by VAT relief on assisted equipment, making a total possible saving of £1,829. A huge 62% discount!

Guy has a 120-mile round trip commute each day; too much for anyone to cycle! So, Guy splits his journey into two sections; driving to a colleague’s house which is closer to the office and commuting the rest of the way using his hand cycle. Thus, he is able to improve his fitness whilst reducing his environmental impact.

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  • 11th November 2019 – Last updated 20th June 2022