Hire a Corporate E-bike Pool from GCI

A workplace E-bike pool provides electric bikes and electric cargo bikes for employees to use in the course of carrying out their work duties. This includes:

  • Travelling to off-site meetings
  • Client and supplier meetings
  • Inter-campus travel

As an Employers you can choose to also allow employees to use the bike pool to commute to work or for use at weekends for leisure purposes.

Benefits for your organisation

A significant amount of employee time can be lost when travelling for work. During this cost-of-living crisis, corporate travel budgets may be under threat.   The good news is that many of these journeys will be under 5 miles and easily undertaken on an ebike.

Key advantages are:

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • More efficient use of employee time as journey times decrease
  • Expand travel choices for staff
  • Improve staff physical and mental health
  • Boost staff morale and performance
  • Help improve air quality in your local area
  • Reduced demand for on-site car parking
  • Enhance ESG performance and move closer to Net Zero targets
  • Spread the capital cost of the bikes over a manageable period of time

How it works

The Green Bike Pool is a complete turnkey solution and we’ve made the process easy:

  1. Tell us how many and which bikes you need plus any accessories that are required
  2. The bikes will be delivered to you and bike training arranged
  3. We will invoice you in 12 monthly payments

After the 12 months, you can decide whether to extend the hire period or replace the pool with new models.

How to make it work for everyone

You need to think about having a mix of different types of ebikes as this will help you cover the different needs of each group of employees.  E-cargo bikes are great for moving heavy goods and are therefore ideal for employees who need to move heavy items such as files, sales samples or medical equipment.  You could also include folding ebikes as these can be combined with trips using public transport.

Equipment and accessories

We recommend the following accessories are included in the hire package:

  • Gold standard locks
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Hi-visibility and reflective clothing
  • Adjustable helmets
  • Panniers
  • GPS tracking devices

Have you considered to where the bikes will be stored when not in use? We can help you source various cycle parking solutions.

Regular servicing and safety checks will be included.

Insurance included

You don’t need to worry about insurance as this is included in the package price.  We will  provide insurance against theft and damage whilst being used by your employees for business use.

The Green Bike Pool flyer
Green Bike Pool flyer
Contact us  info@greenbikepool.uk / 020 3740 1836.