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The #BikeisBest campaign; getting us all to rethink our future

Green Commute Initiative is proud to be part of the #BikeisBest campaign which aims to showcase the benefits of cycling to the wider UK population.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought forward a huge rethink of how we travel.

For instance, that there are more pleasant and sustainable ways to travel. Evidence of this includes: clearer skies, less road congestion, and a reduction in lung-related medical incidents .

Bike shops have also been inundated with customers during lockdown. It is evident that the population is realising that the humble bicycle can help them in many different ways.

#BikeisBest is a coordinated promotional campaign to encourage us all to capitalise on the opportunity that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with. Cycling for commuting, for leisure and for fitness, is something we should all be doing more off.

In summary, the #Bikeisbest campaign aims to promote behaviour change and highlight the many benefits that cycling could yield. Posters will therefore feature on digital billboards across the UK plus a 30-second film will air on TV.

In addition, the campaign has sought investment from the bike industry with donations from manufacturers, bike shops, industry bodies as well as Green Commute Initiative. The initial investment drive has exceeded £100,000.

GCI is thrilled to be part of the journey towards a more sustainable future. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

  • 3rd June 2020 – Last Updated 31st May 2022